The Road to 10 Million Lives Changed

I had the chance to meet up with a good friend today. During our conversation, I had mentioned that 2019 has been a year of reflection and deep soul searching.

Out of the many things I told her I learned about myself, the one goal had her eyebrows raised. That is my life goal of helping change 10 Million lives.  I know that’s a pretty big number. When she asked me why 10 Million my immediate response was, I have to think BIGGER. If I get a major rush and high in helping change 10 lives imagine the way I would feel with 10 Million lives!!! She could clearly see the excitement in my tone and face.

How did I get to 10 Million?

This is what 2019 was about. I had sent a few close friends of mine a similar message.

manifesto photoExample of Message

I received a few common answers. I have the ability to help people feel good about themselves, uncover confidence and belief within them, and be a constant source of positive energy.  Also being uber patient. Going over the replies I decided to double down on my talent/ability. Having this new clear vision in mind has brought perspective and energy that I’ve never had before.

The path to 10 Million

To be honest I have no idea at the time of writing this how I will get to 10 Million lives. What I do know is that I will carry this energy and wave to everyone I come across. Gandhi said

“Be the change in the world you want to see.”


That is a quote I am taking to heart and carrying it on my sleeve. I like to think that I have the insane ability to find the positive in people no matter who they are. Let’s be honest we all have good in us. The laws of polarity mention everything is on a continuum. “Positivity is the absence of negativity. Negativity is the absence of positivity.” With that in mind, I chose to invest my energy in the positive and live a life showing how powerful and infectious a mindset change can be.

The confidence in achieving 10 Million

I have a crazy amount of faith and belief in people doing good. I often picture a world we live in where everyone understands that we are all neighbours on this planet. As neighbours, we have to do our best to help one another in times of trouble or challenge. Some may call it crazy, but for a second think about if everyone in a 24 hour period made the effort to extend a helping hand to the person next to them. I know that can cause a crazy shift in the world. Like a pebble thrown in the water, it will cause a ripple effect. I recently came across a quote from Nelson Mandela that explains this perfectly.

“It never hurts to see the good in someone. They often act better because of it.”

-Nelson Mandela

Being RELENTLESSLY OPTIMISTIC is not just in myself, but also having it in others. It is not easy but I much rather pour all my energy into that than the opposite. 

Dream World

I often get these thoughts in my mind that generally start with “What would the world be like if…”An example is What would the world be like if we practiced Reverse Gossip. Reverse Gossip is where we talk good about people behind their backs. That would bring new energy to your reputation preceding you. In this world we are all equal, no one person is superior to another.

Let’s live life appreciating each other versus judging one another.