7 Steps To Maximize Loving Life

Being Happy is Hella Infectious

Think about it and tell me a kid’s laughter doesn’t put a smile on your face

Here are 7 actionable steps for you to start loving life.

  1. Be Selfish
  2. Put Your Phone Away
  3. Be Relentlessly Curious
  4. Never Stop Being Silly
  5. F*** What Others Think
  6. Expect Good From People
  7. End of Day Reflection

1. Be Selfish — Do more of what makes you happy 

If you are not sure what makes you happy I recommend you create a ENERGIZE ME list. Simply put you write out a list of things you enjoy doing that charge you up.

It is just like any investment it is all about getting an ROE (Return on ENERGY).????

The type of activities after every time you do it you walk away happy, smiling, and loving life. Here is a glance at part of my ENERGIZE ME list

chris latham energize me list
7 steps to maximize loving life 2

ACTION STEP: Write out your list of things that ENERGIZE you.

2. Put Your Phone Away — Don’t multi-task when out with friends/family

The world is becoming more digital by the second. Getting time away from our technology is crucial to us finding balance.

When you are out with friends and family this is a great opportunity for you to dive into people and not technology. 

Get this done by putting your phone away or better yet play a game. 

ACTION STEP: The first person who looks at their phone pays the bill.

3. Be Relentlessly Curious — Keep a learner’s attitude for people, places, and things

Feeding your curiosity is the easiest and most fun way to be excited about life. Keeping a curious mind is the best way to keep learning.

Plus you never know what dope or wacky information you can learn. Here are a few of my favourite questions to ask people:

  • What is the story and/or meaning behind your name?
  • What is the most recent thing you were excited about?
  • What are you currently very passionate about?
  • How do you enjoy spending your time when not at work?
  • What is one thing people often misunderstand about you?
  • What would be the one thing you can do today that would turn this day from average to AMAZING?

ACTION STEP:  Ask people you meet the above questions.

4. Never Stop Being Silly — Make the effort to sprinkle child-like moments in your day

The secret to staying young is to laugh. A step up from that is remembering to be silly throughout the day.

The great thing about it is that you have to not take yourself so seriously to fully commit. That alone gives you a break from having to be a “hardcore adult” 24 hours, 7days a week, 365. 

Here are a few ways to be silly:

  • Play a prank on a friend or family
  • Temporarily dye your hair
  • Eat spaghetti with your hands (this is my favourite)
  • When walking on the sidewalk exaggerate how you prevent stepping on the crack
  • Have a random dance-off in public
  • Play a game of rock paper scissors with a stranger 
  • Jump in a puddle

ACTION STEP: Incorporate the list above into your week.

5. F*** What Others Think — Learn to value your own opinion of yourself over other people’s

Straight up this is by far the hardest thing to do and no list can get it done. I’ll be honest this step takes tremendous work to stop caring what others think about you.

My best piece of advice to give you for this. Is to spend more time doing the things you love and bring you joy, then start to read the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

ACTION STEP: Work on building your confidence, do more of what makes you happy, and read the book.

6. Expect Good From People — Start your interactions and/or relationships expecting the best from others.

Nelson Mandela said it best

It never hurts to see the good in someone. They often act better because of it.

Nelson Mandela

This is an easy way to stop yourself from thinking everyone is out to get you. Let’s be honest here nobody really cares about you like that. We are all so caught up in our heads and our own world, we barely pay attention to others.

This is also an easy hack to start seeing the world in a more optimistic light. Instead of zooming out and having an optimistic view of the world. We will zoom in and have an optimistic view of the people we interact with.

Don’t forget Happiness Loves Company ????

ACTION STEP: Go into all interactions with humans expecting the best from them.

7. End of Day Reflection — Think about what you are grateful for & what you could do to make the day better

If you didn’t hear by now practicing gratitude is important, and the best part is it’s FREE. The easiest way to get started is 10 min before going to bed. Sit down and reflect back on your day and find just one thing you are grateful for.

That is it. You are probably thinking I have no idea what to be grateful for. Well, I got you. Back in the fall of 2020, I shared my daily gratitude ritual for 14 days.

Here is the first video to my 14 days of Gratitude
ACTION STEP: Sit down for 10 minutes at the end of the day and write down one thing you are grateful for.

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