009 – Week of Jan 5, 2020

Random Thoughts 

Match Their Energy

I will start with a blurb/quote I came up with while reflecting.

“If someone comes to you excited to share something with you. Be as excited for them when receiving the news. Enough people in their day will attempt to dim their light, be the one person who keeps their Happiness going.” -Chris Latham

This came across my mind while reflecting on a day I had. I was thinking about how we are all the protagonists in our own story. With that, we are always thinking about what is going on in our lives be it positive or negative. It can be easy for use when someone comes to us with happy news and we are stuck in our head that we intentionally or unintentionally are unresponsive to their news. I understand that if we are having a bad or rough day it can be challenging to find the energy to be happy for someone else. 

On this planet we share we are all neighbours, it should be our duty to help keep our neighbours light shining bright. If the tables were turned and you were on Cloud 9 skipping your way through your day you too would want people to keep up shining bright instead of trying to bring you down.

Let’s make a conscious effort to math someone’s energy when they come to you with positive news. That one small gesture can cause a snowball effect on others around them. If we all have our lights shinning the world would be a much brighter place.

Finished Reading

Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday

This was one hell of a read. Everything I thought about the news cycle and what I being reported has been turned upside down. Granted yes this is just one guys story and his Point of View. What I enjoy most is that after reading the book it forces you to think more critically about the information we consume. Yes yes, w should all be doing this anyway, it is good to get reminders and reasons as to why we should.

He goes into detail about his days in marketing where he would set up elaborate plans to have his stories and clients get the most exposure regardless of it was factual or not.

He also explains how the blogging industry and the nature of the business being on the internet forces poor quality and low hanging fruit of stories to be published. The mains purpose of the blog is to get clicks and get paid. This forces writers to create eye-catching posts similar to the headlines you see on the magazines when standing at the grocery checkout line. And we can’t get mad at the nature of the internet. Again at the end of the day blogs get paid from advertising & web traffic.

Good News – Get Your Smile On  ?

TL;DR a guy named Sean started a company that recycles the half-used soaps from hotels. Once recycled and sterilize he then donates them to children and families across the world who don’t have easy access to soap. Read more about the organization here.

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