010 – Week of Jan 12, 2020

Finished Reading

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

The best way I can break down the book is that Donald gives you a formula to better connect with your target audience. On a personal level, I enjoyed the read as it helped me figure out what my story is and fall in line with my objective of getting better at expressing myself. 

In the book Donald gives you a 7 step process to better connect with your customers. This allows you to better understand the struggles they are going through and how your product or service can help them find the solution. Simply put your customer I the main character in the story. The villain is the problem they are trying to solve. You offer them the strategy to help solve their problem.

Reading this has allowed me to reflect on my own journey and how I can express the challenges I have gone through to get to where I am today.

Random Thoughts

We Have So Much Time to Achieve All Goals & Dreams

I was talking with a friend about the realization I had a while ago. If you think of it in our lifetime we have more than enough time to achieve our dreams and goals. Let’s break it down say the average human lives until the age of 85 with no major health issues. From the age of 0-18 is a sandbox in computer terms. This is a period where you try new things and test out what works. It’s the place where you develop basic life skills. That means from 18-85 we have 67 years living an adult life.

Now to some 67 years may not seem like a lot, but let’s breakdown everything we ave achieved in 18 years of living. 

Starting off at age 0 we begin to learn:

  • How to walk
  • How to jog
  • How to run
  • How to jump
  • How to talk
  • How to read
  • How to write
  • Learn a second language(if you are so fortunate)
  • How to interact with other humans
  • Go through school making it to University level (for some of us, you get the point)
  • Learn to play several different sports
  • Learn various skills
  • Participate in a variety of hobbies and activities
  • Learn how to understand our and other people’s emotions
  • Learn what you enjoy and don’t enjoy in life from food to movies
  • First 1-5 years spent sleeping half the time
  • Etc. etc. etc.

I am sure you get the point. That is a ton of stuff we learn in 18 years of living. Now we experience all of these having started off with a blank slate. Now imagine all that we can learn, accomplish, and experience from the age of 18 and on. With all the above as our foundation, the possibilities are endless. 

Let’s say we consider the first 18 years of our lives as book #1 in our collection of life. In Book #1 we fill it up with everything I mentioned above and more.  This means that we still have Book #2, Book #3, Book #4, & Book #5 to create and fill in.

Each book equates to 18 years = 216 months = 939 weeks = 6570 days = 157,680 hours. THAT IS SOOOO MUCH TIME! 

In life, the one thing that we have absolute control over is what we do with our time. 

Hell, you can choose to follow your dream of acting at the age of 54 which is the start of Book #3 and spend the next 18 years sharpening your craft. From 72 on you still have ¾ left of a book to write.

Now armed with this new perspective, take time to write out all that you want to achieve in life, and create a timeline.

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