012 – Week of April 12

Big Changes in The World?

One of the many ways that I feed my curiosity is through podcasts. If you aren’t up on the podcast wave, its time for you to hop on and ride the wave. ??‍♂️ Think about it you can intake information while doing any other task such as dishes, driving, shower (Bluetooth speakers), cooking, public transport, etc. etc. 

One of the podcasts I can say I am officially a Day 1 Fan is the Earn Your Leisure podcast. They are part of the inspirations for me creating my own podcast.

In this particular episode, they shed some light on how major changes will be taking place during and after COVID-19 (this is assuming we are still practicing social distancing in 2021). Includes:

  • Daycare industry is in major trouble
  • Distance Learning may be the new norm. The interesting thing is how SATs for 2020 have been cancelled ? It Makes you think if it every was really necessary, to begin with.
  • In the US it is projected that 47 million of the population will be unemployed which will equal 32% of the population. The last time it was anywhere that high was during the Great Depression where it was 23%.
  • Airlines are screwed right now.

Listen to it here.

Inside My Head?

Perspective. That has been the one thing on my mind since having to practice SD (social distancing). Why perspective? I will be the first to say that our current state of events totally sucks. At the same time, I can’t help myself in seeing the silver lining of it all. 

Most of us now have an extra 2-10 hours extra in our day. Some of us no longer are working, and some no longer have to commute to work and back. SO now with all that extra time we now have an amazing opportunity to LEVEL UP ?. 

Think about it we all have projects we always wanted to start but never did, a book you wanted to read, go back to playing guitar, clean and organize your home, upgrade your skill for a career change, or as simple as just calling up your family and friends to reconnect. 

Essentially what I am getting at is we no longer have any excuses. Look at it this way, We are back in the world with a less strict SD, and another 5-10 years passed. When you look back to 2020 what will future you be happy and grateful that current you did? ? 

Hold up a second, everything doesn’t have to be about skill acquisition. It can be as simple as taking this opportunity to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Money Making Mitch?

For those with free time on their hands and like to take control of their finances. With a change in perspective, this would be the best time for you to develop a side hustle. Instead of listing out ideas, I bring to you 2 resources. This right here is the holy grail, and where you may just find your money-making answers.?

Numero uno. Noah Kagan the creator of appsumo.com made a list of 23 things you can do to start making money. 23 Side Hustles

Numéro deux. I bring to you the Side Hustle School podcast. This ish right here are for those who want to hear of success stories before making the jump. Or if you just want to get a few creative ideas. Side Hustle School

Positive Perspective?

“ It’s not what Social Media does to us it’s what we do with Social Media”? I heard that in a video this week. It had me smiling ear to ear for the rest of the day.

We live in a world where everyone says technology and social media are distractions and is public enemy #1. With the negative rep, it gets I have always said it has done more good than bad in bringing people together. ??

Let’s paint a picture it’s 1990 BI (Before Internet) you are 15 years old and in high school. Most of the kids in school are into sports and going partying, yet you are the only one in school who is into music and dresses in goth attire. I bet you’d be feeling pretty lonely. 

Let’s fast forward 20 years same situation, you no longer feel alone as you have active friends with the same interest as you on social media. You are no longer feeling misunderstood all day long.

To be clear this is just an example to prove a point that when used with proper intent technology is flipping AWESOME! 

Here is the video: https://youtu.be/4xNyp8czWKg  

Book Excerpt?

Currently, I am reading the book Company of One by Paul Jarvis. I recommend the book to anyone looking to create, understand, or first with the idea of being a Solopreneuer. In the book, Paul Describes a Company of One as “…is simply a business that questions growth. A company of one resists and questions some forms of traditional growth, not on principle, but because growth isn’t always the most beneficial or financially viable move.” Let that marinate in your mind for a bit.

Here is another snip of a section 

caption of the book company of one by paul jarvis
012 - week of april 12 2


Do the words Chill hop, Ambient music, or Lo-Fi Hip Hop ring a bell?

If ever you find yourself having trouble focussing on tasks or sleeping. Also for those who just want to be able to improve their levels of concentration. I bring to you 1 month of FREE access to Brain FM, no Credit Card required. Simply put they are sounds to help put you in a state to improve focus and/or sleep. I make no money off of this, Just spreading the good word.

That’s it for this week.??‍♂️

Peace out Family✌?

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