014 – Week of April 26, 2020

The Journey Continues

What’s good Family,

What’s good Family, I’m going to try something different this time around. As you know a life without experimenting is well, a boring life. This week’s content will be shorter and include video. ? If you are a fan of the uber-long content here is something different for your taste buds.
On a side note been practicing 10-15 minutes a day skateboarding. I am proud to say I can officially do a manual for 4 seconds. BOOH YAH BABAY!!!?

That’s enough about me let’s dive into this past week. ?

New Podcast Episode?

This week I interview a good friend of mine Fotar Tunteng. Get a feel for the energy in the teaser below.
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Why So Happy? ?

Save The Trees?

As a proud member of Youtube University, I am always going down rabbit holes and have list of channels I follow that constantly feed my curiosity. This week I came across a video that explains to us the purpose of having trees in cities. 

I’m not sure about you but I never put much thought into why we need trees, past grade school science class on photosynthesis. In the past weeks, I have been spending time learning about houseplants. At this point and time, I have enough responsibility in me to take care of a cactus.

Did you know trees help prevent mudslides, the roots prevent floods, and that hospital patients who have views of trees recover quicker than those with views of brick walls. ? Also since 1967 Singapore has planted more than 1.2 MILLION!!! trees. Not thousand but MILLION. Watch it here.

Started Reading?

expert secrets by russel brunson

You know how they say in life everything is about timing. Well, this book could not have come at a better time. It has been on my list for months now just never had the need to get it. Until recently a friend recommended I get it.
I am 45 pages into the kindle version, and got damn! I don’t think I have ever made so many notes before.
This book is fire. ? The book has so many points that hit me like a sack of bricks.
Take a look at some of my favourite so far.

excerpt from expert secrets by russel brunson

excerpt from expert secrets by russel brunson

excerpt from expert secrets by russel brunson

excerpt from expert secrets by russel brunson

Music Got Me Vibing??

Homegirl by Leven Kali ft. Smino & Topaz Jones
This week I bring to you a dope ass track that would easily fit into the early 90s era of Hip-Hop. All before labels executives chose to heavily promote misogyny in rap lyrics. I’m not hoping on a holier than though rant. All I want is to see the balance Hip-Hop once had with the positive and negative. Life’s about the Ying & Yang baby!☯

Right at the start, you know what the song is about
Memorable line:
“That ain’t my bitch, that’s my motherfuckin’ Homegirl”
If you have Spotify click here if not the video is below.

And if that type of song is your cup of tea, I have a playlist on Spotify click here. The playlist is a mix of Hip-Hop and R&B songs about your girl, or that special girl being flipping AWESOME! Amply titled She’s The Best.


Do the words Chill hop, Ambient music, or Lo-Fi Hip Hop ring a bell?

If ever you find yourself having trouble focussing on tasks or sleeping. Also for those who just want to be able to improve their levels of concentration. I bring to you 1 month of FREE access to Brain FM, no Credit Card required. Simply put they are sounds to help put you in a state to improve focus and/or sleep. I make no money off of this, Just spreading the good word.

That’s it for this week. Speak to you guys next week.??‍♂️

Peace out Family✌?

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