015 – Week of May 3, 2020

The Journey Continues

What’s good Family,

I have been wide awake since 4 am and asking myself what will I write about this week. I reflected back on my week and I have to say that a highlight was getting to hang out with two good friends of mine via Zoom.  From the outside looking in it doesn’t look like much. I have to say left the virtual hangout sessions feeling pumped up. ?

I strongly believe that when you bring two of your friends together and they get along uber well. It speaks volumes on you and the people you choose to associate with. All this to say look at your circle and take the time to appreciate who you have. 

Let’s dive into the past week. ?

New Podcast Episode?

This week I interview a good friend of mine Emily Stott. Get amuse-bouche below.
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Produce vs Consume

Making Major Change?

Imagine being put in prison for 2-10 years and upon your release, you are making $50,000 legally.? This is what Last Mile is doing in helping those incarcerated to learn the much-needed skill of coding. This is flipping AWESOME this gives people an actual second chance. On top of that 0% of those in the program have reoffended. Doing good in life really comes down to having opportunities. 
The ability to give others opportunities is part of my life goal of helping change 10 million lives.  Full disclosure the first time I saw this I teared up.

Watch the video on how Last Mile is helping.

Music & People That Motivate Me? 

By now I am sure you know music is a big part of my life. I have the stats to prove it. As you will see below I spent a fifth of 2018 listening to music. Spotify also shows who were your top artists, and most played songs. 

time spent listening to spotify
nipsey hussle my most listened to artist in 2019
new artist most listened to in 2019 spotify
nipsey hustle my artist of the decade

If I reflect back to 2019, the reason for the drop in numbers is that I spent more time listening to audiobooks and podcasts. 

I spent a lot of time listening and studying these guys. 68 & 118 hours to be exact. ?When I think as to why they captured so much of my attention compared to others. It is that I can see similarities in our starting stories. 

The one song that gives me chills every time it plays is That’s How I Knew by Nipsey Hussle. The song always dials me back in and have me think about the path I have chosen.

I can’t help but think to myself writing out your own story is a selfless act. You aren’t writing the story for yourself; you are doing it to share with others. In such, you can help inspire and/or motivate another person. Wouldn’t that mean it is all our jobs to live our lives to the fullest and share out story? Just a thought. ??

Listen to the playlist that keeps me focused. No R&B songs on this one. ??
Follow Your Dreams Playlist


Do the words Chill hop, Ambient music, or Lo-Fi Hip Hop ring a bell?

If ever you find yourself having trouble focussing on tasks or sleeping. Also for those who just want to be able to improve their levels of concentration. I bring to you 1 month of FREE access to Brain FM, no Credit Card required. Simply put they are sounds to help put you in a state to improve focus and/or sleep. I make no money off of this, Just spreading the good word.

That’s it for this week. Speak to you guys next week.??‍♂️

Peace out Family✌?

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