021 – Week of August 30, 2020


What’s good Family,

1This past week I got a taste of the retirement life.???????????? I did the typical retirement stuff like play with the grandkids, feed ducks in the park, and go for walks with a walking club in a mall. ????????

Early retirement comes at a time when I am in between jobs. Currently getting myself for an across the country road trip.????????????‍♀️ I gave myself 2ish weeks of no work, and take the time to get myself ready and plan the drive.

Most people will think being retired means having a lot of free time to do nothing. Without a surprise I find myself staying just as busy and productive.
See the photo below⬇⬇⬇

Let’s dive into the past week. ????

taste of retirement


CONTENT W/ CHRIS????????????

More dope videos this week.

1. Are you living a life worth sharing? Are you having new experiences, exploring new places in life?

2. There is a reason why we don’t have monorails

3. Earlier this week went to the dentists and had to get a cavity filled. I was always curious about what it looked like. I found a great video explanation on cavities and how dentists fix them.

That’s it for this week. Speak to you guys next week.????????

Peace out Family✌

-Chris “The Retired Life” Latham

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