024 – Week of September 20, 2020

by Chris Latham | in September 28, 2020

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What’s good Family,

This week has been one I will never forget. I came close to colliding with a moose on my way to Thunder Bay, seen guys build a TeePee, visited a Bushplane Museum, Met people from Hudson Quebec while on a hike, and so much more.

I’ll be honest I haven’t spent much of this time reflecting, This e-mail will mostly be filled with Images showing some of my experiences.

Head up next week’s e-mail will be the same format as I will be making my way to BC ????. I am stocked to get there, I have so many places to visit while I drive through.

Let’s dive into the past week. ????


Before getting into the photos I want to share with you guys just exactly how I am doing this road trip. A lot of the planning on what activities to do and sights are to be seen are panned the day before by putting into Google “what to do in [insert city]”.

From there I look into maps to figure out the best route to take, while also plugging in bathrooms stops and gas fill-ups.

All of this sounds simple and the norm. Well here is the secret when driving to a destination my eyes are constantly scanning for interesting things that stand out. That has led me to see a TeePee being built, Climb the top of a defunct lighthouse, a Winnie The Pooh Statue ????, and a couple wearing cool sweaters.

The other trick to finding cool stuff is to talk to strangers and ask them what they recommend doing that is how I met and made new friends on this journey.


Here are a few photos of my trip so far.

That’s it for this week. Speak to you guys next week.????????

Peace out Family✌

-Chris “Drove 3,000 Km” Latham

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RELENTLESSLY CURIOUS are the two words that describe me best. I enjoy finding solutions for seemingly big problems. I live my life constantly seeking new experiences. This is all driven by a child-like curiosity for people, places, and things.

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