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I spent this Sunday being creative and downloading information in my brain onto my first infographic.

The infographic idea came about after having a client call this week, where I explained to them the importance of creating blogs. 

The goal of helping grow their brand I had to help them unlearn and relearn. Time was spent going over how to format and structure the blog.

Writing a blog doesn’t sound complicated, I know.  A blog isn’t like your school research paper.

You will want to keep your paragraphs and sentences short and concise. When it comes to online nobody wants to read a long block of text.

*cough* Take a second to notice the structure of this email. Breaking things out this way makes it easier to read.

Download the Create a Blog Post Blueprint.

The main goal of a blog post is to have someone read it from start to finish. To achieve that we want to make the reading process as frictionless as possible for the reader.

This means a few things:

  • Have a catchy title
  • Use subheading
  • Bold importance texts
  • Include images that add context
  • Link to other pages
  • Include a Call to Action

The best part of explaining this during the call is when the client pauses just before their aha moment. The aha moment is always followed by them saying “ohh snap that’s so true!”

Why create an infographic?

A few weeks before the call I sent the client ‘A Blog Writing Guide’ I created. To be honest it is a lot of text. It is essentially a recipe guide for all the ingredients you need to have in a blog.

After Friday’s conversation, I understood that I needed to produce a visual and an easy-to-understand version of the writing guide.

That’s where I spent 8-10 hours today thinking of a way to break down the above blog into bite-size pieces. If I were to breakdown the hours, it would look something like this:

  • 3 hours getting the important points of the blog & rewriting them in an easy
  • 2 hours thinking of how to make it look (this is not my strong point)
  • 3 hours designing the actual infographic (I used Canva ????)
  • 1 hour repurposing the infographic into a newsletter, blog, carousel, and LinkedIn post

So by now, you are probably curious to know what the Create-A-Blog Blueprint looks like. Feel free to download your copy for FREE. I only ask one favour.

Share the Blueprint with any bloggers you know.

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