The Get Up & Go Morning Routine

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This morning, as I woke up did my get out of bed stretch, opened the laptop and started to do some research on investing in insurance companies. (future planning again)

I’m sure as you read that you may notice the morning routine is quite short. You are right. I only realized this while taking a shower. That for the longest while I have not been doing my normal routine.

4 months ago I had a full routine, with stretch, breathing exercise, bored time™, brain shake, reading, etc. Now my morning routines comprise of a get out of bed stretch. Just the one.

For a good 30 seconds, I started to think about why the change in routine. Well, that is all the time I gave to it just 30 seconds, and I didn’t come up with anything.

To be honest I really don’t care about figuring out why the change. As long as I reach my daily markers of health, recovery, clarity, focus, and energy then I’m all good.

If I had to give a name to my perfect morning routine I would call it

“The Get Up & Go Morning Routine”

The main takeaway from this is that you have to leave room for change in your routine. If your body is still able to perform then do what you need to do.

This also reminds me of an example my friend Wes went through. He had a strict morning routine but he hated waking up early (5 am). He now has morning habits that start around 9-11 am.

He too is still as productive and is more excited than ever.

Have you made any recent changes to your morning routine?

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