I Caught The Writer’s Bug

Howdy Family, ????????‍♂️

A few days I randomly got the urge to write and do a brain dump. This motivation came from the conversations I have in my head. A few days ago, many of the discussions in my mind centred around how to explain complicated topics as efficiently as possible.

This is something I find myself doing more often. A lot of it stems from work, and I live by the simple rules of the ever-popular ELI5 subreddit. Explain it to me Like I’m 5 Years old.

Within 4 hours, I wrote, edited and formatted 2 blogs. In this email, I will share the first one, which is all about being open-minded. The challenge in writing this was finding out how to explain something that seemed easy for me.

I would love your feedback in letting me know if I did a good job explaining how to be open-minded.

I ask you to read the blog here.

Then, email me and let me know if I was on point or totally missed the mark.

Thank you & Have an AWESOME day!

Chris “I Wrote 2 Blogs” Latham ✌????

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