Journal Entry #025

Howdy Family????????‍♂️,

Full disclosure I have been seriously slacking these past few weeks. I noticed this last night when I was up till 3 am after watched a 2 hour long YT interview followed by not one but two Movies on Amazon Prime!!

As much as I would want to say it was a terrible thing I’d be lying. The combination of the interview and movies left me in deep reflection. The thought of retirement came to mind again, and I realized I have a fear of being old and homeless.

100% this was a dark thought to have. One thing I learned is that when thoughts like these come to mind I have to ride the wave. The same way I ride the wave of a positive thought I have to do the same for the negative ones.

If you want to know more about this new fear I will go into more details at the end of the email. I do want to focus on me slacking these the past few weeks.

After reflecting during the past 24 hours I have learned that I have been spending way more time watching Youtube videos and consuming fewer podcasts. 

More Youtube videos mean more chances of me being distracted. I initially started with Youtube videos with the mindset of learning something new. And well, curiosity and nostalgia got the best of me. Endless science videos and Wild ‘n Out videos flooded my page.

Part of me being distracted these past few weeks came from me wanting to shut my brain off and also being on a quest of finding my starting project. Which is now Next-Gen Fridays.????

I also learned that I pulled away from the initial reason why I started this website and newsletter. The purpose was for me to work on better expressing myself. Those who have been here since day 1 can see a major improvement. (my grammar used to be way worse than this *cough* you know who you are ????)

In an effort to go back to the essence of sharing my thoughts and life. I will take the time to write down my reflections. To respect your time and to not spam you (lord know I hate spam and pop-ups. Don’t get me started on pop-ups ????).

I will let you know what to expect in the Subject line of the e-mail this way you can choose what you to consume. I will also learn what you guys enjoy most.

Here are examples of future subject lines:

  • Journal | Entry #025
  • Podcast | New Episode With Kate Soar
  • Video | What I Learned About Community at a U-Haul Party

I have to say I had a good time sitting down at my laptop with half a watermelon and spoon by my side writing this out. Now it’s time for me to get back on track.

If you made it this far I want to say thank you. ????????

If you want to know about where my fear of being old and homeless came from, click here.


Chris “Fear of Being Homeless” Latham ✌????

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