Saving Money Through Learning

Howdy Family ????????‍♂️,

I have to say the past 36 hours have been one hell of a ride. I spent the entire day Saturday sitting on a couch with my laptop. But wait! Before you judge me on it. Me sitting on the couch allowed me to cut one of my biggest yearly expenses by more than 50%.????

What cost exactly am I being able to cut? That is my web hosting which is/was $25USD/month will be going down to $10/month. Total savings of $180 US Dollars! #WINNING ????

The easiest way to explain web hosting for those who don’t know is to compare it to cell phones. You have your cellphone(website) and you need a cellphone service provider like Bell(web hosting). 

The new service I found is faster and way cheaper. The main reason it’s cheaper is that you have to do the setup manually instead of a 1-click option from most hosting providers. For 30 extra minutes of my life totally worth it.

On a similar note, Saturday started off with me being super excited. To the point, I did a happy dance. In the excitement that the new email provider for [email protected] had a smooth migration. Long story short I made the change because when sending an invoice to a client it kept going to Junk.????????‍♂️

Sitting down writing this I realize that When I am curious about something I go to the furthest degree to better understand something. Went in their knowing 20% walked out knowing 80%. Feeling Just like Neo in the Matrix.

If you take one thing away from this it is to be RELENTLESSLY CURIOUS!
If you are the Curious type make sure to check out Curiosity Stream. It’s Netflix for learning. ???? For the low low price of $20/year.


Chris “Saving Money” Latham ✌????

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