Disconnect For Quality “Me” Time


What’s good family! It’s another beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sunny day and I was listening to podcasts as usual and one of the things I was thinking of is that, right now we are living in a world where obviously very connected with each other, there are social media, there is the internet, there is TV networks, the whole nine.

And one of the things I kept wrapping my mind around was that thought of, in this world that we are so connected it could be very hard for us to have time just for ourselves to kind of disconnect from the world and be completely shut off and have us some quality me time. so one of the things I was thinking about Is that a great habit, skills or thing to do once a week is, when you get in to the house put your phone on “Do not disturb”, disconnect yourself from what is going on in the world, say it’s even for half an hour to an hour, whatever is happening that time the world is not going to burn and if it does well, shit! So be it, but trust me the world is not going to burn within that hour. And in that hour spend time doing something for yourself, whether it’s like a project you already wanted to get started, it could be coloring, it could be as simple as coloring in a coloring book, cleaning that room you have being meaning to clean up, scheduling time to meditate, taking a nap even that could be a thing too, it really just comes down to that hour, that hour and a half, or thirty minutes that time you set to have your phone on “DO NOT DISTURB”, is to have nothing from the outside world to distract you and just have quality time for you to sit with yourself, whether it is with your thoughts, journaling, writing things down in to a book or audio journaling or even doing a visual-video journaling, like wow, video journaling like I’m doing now, is just find time put your phone on “DO NOT DISTURB” enjoy some quality “me” time and then come back to the world charged up and ready to go.

So yeah, that’s it for today guys. Peace out, have a kickass weekend, enjoy the sunshine, soak up some more of that vitamin D baby. peace!

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