The #1 Thing To Ask Yourself In Hard Times


What’s good family, Chris here! So as you can read by the title I’m going to jump right in to it. The phrase that I learnt about, not learnt about, but that was told to me yesterday was to remind yourself when going through a hard time or any challenging moment that this is a character building moment. I know just brrrrrr! That just blew my mind, at the pause everything I was doing was like holy crap that is an amazing line to say and what I like most about it is that just in saying this is a character building moment, flips the situation around from oh man I feel bad for myself, this sucks, feeling pity onto yourself to like you know what? This moment sucks and force you to look at things in a way of what can I learn from this to make things better or to grow from this moment. And essentially that is how we should, like I say “we should”, essentially look at any challenging moment we come across in life whether it’s the worst situation, relationship situation, or out in public at the grocery store bumping in to someone or someone getting mad for cutting you off or whatever.

Just whatever the case may be that we could come across through life. Reminding yourself that this is a character building moment, allows you to just kind of set yourself up in a way that, if it does happen again, you know how to better manage yourself within that situation, or you better know how to navigate yourself through that situation, navigate is the word I want to use, navigate yourself through that situation. So yeah, quick video, something to think about, when going through any challenging moments or hard times, ask yourself this is a character building moment.

This is not my personal thing, this is something I was told by a client while training them on the weekend, on Saturday and right there I had to freeze, pause everything and just, poooof! Blew my mind of a thought and I love that. So again I’m just sharing that with you guys. Peace out, take care! 

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