Do You Own Your Digital Name?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could own your own digital identity? Your name says a lot about you, so it makes sense to have your digital name reflect the essence of the person you want people to think you are. The fact that you can own your own domain and use that as your business name is a huge step forward in your professional career.????????‍????


We now live in a world where if anyone wants to find information about you all they need to do is search online. Instantly they can find photos of you partying while on vacation, that video of you doing something embarrassing that a friend tagged you in. Hell, you may even be one of the few who has photos and videos of you as a child online.


It comes to no one’s surprise now that employers do look up your digital footprint to get an idea of who you are. If you are dating don’t be surprised that the special person you are talking to will inevitably look you up. (I have never done this, a friend told me about it ????).


Let’s be honest the way we present ourselves on social media platforms is different than who we are in real life. Think of how you present yourself on LinkedIn vs Instagram. Totally different right. I know what you are thinking Chris ain’t nobody posting their cat photos and breakfast on LinkedIn.


So what exactly is my point here your probably asking. I’m gonna make a claim here that everyone should own their full name as a domain. For example (This guy has a pretty dope site with tons of free stuff. I highly recommend checking it out.????) 


Back on track, my reason for everyone owning their domain name is simple. It is an opportunity for you to control your online image. Plus with everything and everyone going online it definitely is a good idea to own your name which can be seen as Digital Real Estate. Digital Real Estate is a great term as there is such a business of buying domain names and reselling them for 100x profits. This is called Domain arbitrage and /or domain flipping. If you are curious read more about it here and here


The big benefit of owning your domain name is the potential for growth. Outside of you having your site as a go-to place for people to learn about you. You also open yourself up to the possibility of you selling a course, product, service, or build a community. Granted this is an added bonus as who knows what you will be doing with your life in 10 years from now. If the day comes and you plan to pivot, you will be happy you own your name. ????


And hey if you do choose to just keep it as a simple one-page site that’s totally fine. You now own your piece of real estate in the digital world.


The choice is yours, if you do plan on making the move I highly recommend using Google Domains to purchase your name, as included in the price you get privacy protection. Aka your address won’t show to those who know where to look. ????


If you bought your domain name and are now looking for how to figure out your vision & mission statement. Get a copy of my Build Your Brand guidebook.

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