Some Free Dope Content I Created

Everything below took countless hours of blood sweat and tears to create. All jokes aside what I will say is that everything on this page is entirely FREE there will be no upselling you into a paid product or version.

To show how serious I am, I won’t even be asking you for your e-mail in exchange for the content. Instead, I am flipping the normal routine on its head. If you believe you will enjoy the DOPE content you can insert your e-mail after downloading it.

(To the marketers out there I know what you are thinking this guy must be nuts. To that I say you are correct )

Enough of the explanation of the story behind everything on this page is simple. The content below is all things that helped me out when needed. In an effort to work on expressing myself I decided to put them in formats for you to enjoy.

ready set execute cover - chris latham

Ready Set Execute!The Goal-Setting Course

hip hop changed my life book cover 2

How Hip Hop Changed My Life

cover for build your brand foundation by chris latham

Build Your Brand – The Foundation

cover for 53 things to keep you busy when stcuk at home

53 Things to Keep You Busy When Stuck at Home

cover of daily happiness checklist

Your Daily Happiness Checklist