I spend my free time learning random facts. When I’m not learning, I moonlight as a Digital Marketer & an Automation Specialist.

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I love learning about random facts. You can say I’m secretly getting ready to be a contestant on ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.’

I’m a digital marketer and a lifelong learner. You can find me going down a YouTube or podcast rabbit hole, learning random facts at any time.

My life is driven by a childlike curiosity for people, places, and things. Being a blend of dreamer and realist, I choose to see the good in people first. If you take away one thing, that is Happiness Loves Company!

Peace out.


Here’s a random quote to make me look smart

Negative and Positive thoughts/feelings are like clouds. When you are down, you can choose to stare at the one or move to the next.

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