2021 worbook cover

Achievable Goals With Actionable Steps

Topics Covered

Future Thinking

Think about the next 5 years


Set no limits for current & future self

Take Control

Figure out the skills and steps needed

Your Why

Uncover the reasons behind your goals

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  • Reverse engineer the next 12 months
  • Map out your personal, fincance, career, and adventure goals
  • Set a time-based commitment

2021 workbook preview


​Chris Latham  Designer

Let’s dive in. You will most likely find me wearing a black t-shirt, earbuds on, a book in hand, and a hamburger (mustard, onions, and pickles) close by. I live my life constantly seeking new experiences. This is all driven by a child-like curiosity for people, places, and things. Being a blend of a dreamer and a realist I choose to see the good in people first. If you take away one thing that is Happiness Loves Company.

Peace out.