016 – Week of July 26, 2020

How are you doing? ?

What’s good Family,

We are heading into week number five. I appreciate you all being here with me for this journey. What I really want to know is how are YOU doing right now?

Let’s pause on the about Chris, tell me how YOU are holding up during this pandemic? What do  YOU have planned for today? What are YOU looking forward to?

Message me and give an update on YOU!

Let’s dive into the past week. ?

New Podcast Episode?

This week I interview a college buddy of mine Maurice Humphrey. Get amuse-bouche below.
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peanut butter

So here I go again down another rabbit hole of feeding my curiosity. This time around Peanut Butter and the story behind it caught my attention.

Here are some of the coolest things I’ve learned, and well, know you’ve learned. Whoever said learning can’t be fun. ??

  • In 1971 the FDA made it law for it to legally be called peanut butter it has to contain 90% peanuts. If not it’s called peanut spread.
  • The term “Peanut Gallery” came from the period of the Civil War. When the circus would come around the soldiers would by hot peanuts. If they didn’t like what they were seeing they would throw their peanuts at the stage.
  • The USDA has a grading system for peanut butter that includes colour. You are required to get a colour sample from Agtron Inc.
  • Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches were popular amongst US soldiers in WWII

Peanut Butter Resource 1 Peanut Butter Resource 2


For the past few weeks, I have been helping some people work on Leveling up in life. Now I am not saying I am an expert at levelling up, far from it.

What I am is someone who spent the past 18 months consistently working to better understand myself and my purpose on this earth.?

 I’ve purchased, books, webinars, courses, the whole gamut of things. With it being income tax season it clearly shows I have spent much more on Personal Development this past year.

It is to the point I have become a podcast junkie and can easily binge episode at 2x speed.?

If I am honest the main reason why I am confident in helping them is that the person to understand you most is the one a few steps ahead o you and not too far removed.

As I rewrite the previous sentence I can’t help but think of Frank Abagnale. You know the guy who’s life made the basis for the fantastic movie Catch Me If You Can. Granted I am not saying I am out here being a fraud HELL NO! ?

I just like the concept of it can be easy for someone who is an expert to be so far disconnected from what it is to be a beginner. I know there is a term for that I just can’t remember, if you happen to know please let me know, thanks. I have definitely felt that being a personal trainer.??‍♀️

I am far from achieving my goals (getting closer every day), but if I can somehow influence those around me to do the same, then I know the journey there won’t be lonely. What’s better than one AWESOME person? Two! ✌?

So, for me it’s a win-win, I keep working towards turning my dreams to reality, and I get to live up to my core unbiased self in serving those around me. 

I was named after St. Christopher TL;DR Christopher would help people cross a dangerous river by carrying them on his back. One day dude unknowingly carried Jesus and the weight of the world across a river.??


chris latham 2020 goal setting & action workbook

The guidebook is something created during 2 Sundays in December during what I like to call “PRODUCTIVITY TIME”. It takes place every Sunday early morning, at a different cafe each week.

There are 3 simple rules.

Rule #1 Don’t talk about PRODUCTIVITY TIME.?

Rule #2 Don’t talk during PRODUCTIVITY TIME.

Rule #3 Deep dive into uninterrupted & distraction-free work for 4-6 hours.?

Essentially I took everything I have learned, all the activities I completed, and remixed it up to a simple and easy to follow Goal Setting Workbook.

The biggest difference with this workbook is that I included Action Steps. One of the problems I often found in many self-help and goal setting books/videos, is that they never mention how to implement.

If you have read The Secret you know what I am talking about, the whole book is about thinking without action.⛅

Long story short click below to get your copy. 


Do the words Chill hop, Ambient music, or Lo-Fi Hip Hop ring a bell?

If ever you find yourself having trouble focussing on tasks or sleeping. Also for those who just want to be able to improve their levels of concentration. I bring to you 1 month of FREE access to Brain FM, no Credit Card required.

Simply put they are sounds to help put you in a state to improve focus and/or sleep. I make no money off of this, Just spreading the good word.

That’s it for this week. Speak to you guys next week.??‍♂️

Peace out Family✌?

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