018 – Week of August 9, 2020

by Chris Latham | in September 28, 2020

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Legally 18 Weeks Old

What’s good Family,

Someone asked me why do I mention the week number at the top of the email. It serves as a reminder that I have been consistent for said number of weeks. In short, it helps fuel and charges me up to keep the ball rolling.

This week was interesting as things started getting real that my last day of work is August 31. The thoughts of I am no longer going to see my clients anymore, all the progress, fun conversations, different personalities, will all be coming to an end. ????
On the flip side, this does mean that I have the opportunity to build a whole new family and community. With all-new people and personalities to learn from.

More about this below.

Let’s dive into the past week. ????

I’M MOVING!!!????


Before I continue let me rewind. For the past 10 years, I have been coaching people to move better, feel better, and look better. With coaching many people they all come with relationships and dealing with different personalities.

The best parts of coaching has been seeing the growth and development of each person, not just on a physical level. It is seeing a shy kid come in barely speaking a word. To then months later is cracking jokes and laughing with the entire team.

It is the feeling of seeing a teenage girl come in wearing leggings and a big t-shirt to months later her feeling confident and wearing shorts with a sleeveless top.

It is having a man in his 50s come in stiff and tight, to then being able to run, jump, and be intimate with his wife pain-free.

It is seeing a determined and focused 8-year old turn into a 13-year old teenager with a level of discipline that most adults would envy.

It is having a young girl coming in saying “I can never do push-ups to a year later banging out 4 with 10lbs plate on her back.

It is seeing a young athlete come in with dreams of making it to the Olympics, and years later see them get accepted into an American University.

It is having an out of shape dad come in now being able to have fun doing activities with his family.

Being a coach was more than just a job in helping people look good naked. It was about building relationships and being the one place they had in their week where they know I was there to be a positive role model and push them to be better versions of themselves.

It is scary to think of all it comes to an end. What I can say is that I will be back in a bigger way. ????????

CONTENT W/ CHRIS????????????

This week I have some kick-ass podcast content to share with you all. From a wide range of topics. Most of them are interview format types of podcasts.
Podcast listening tip you can skip the first 30-90 seconds of most podcasts as they usually have a promo during that period.

1. Retirement. a word most people think long and hard about the closer they get to it. the earlier you start planning for it the better your retirement life. Also, the host is a good friend of mine who helped guide my financial education.

2. Being the go-to person at work is usually the best way to make your self indispensable at work. This does come with its downsides.

3. When working towards your goals, set priorities and work towards them one at a time.

4. Are you future-proofing your business’ growth strategies? The world is forever changing, start thinking about different types of scenarios and to plan for them.

That’s it for this week. Speak to you guys next week.????????
Peace out Family✌
-Chris “New Chapter” Latham

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Chris Latham

RELENTLESSLY CURIOUS are the two words that describe me best. I enjoy finding solutions for seemingly big problems. I live my life constantly seeking new experiences. This is all driven by a child-like curiosity for people, places, and things.

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