Be a Creator Not Consumer


What’s good family.

So yesterday I woke up and I’d seen a sign that I have on a door, it really right there. It says, be a creator not a consumer and that hit me. So I started thinking about — like all right. So I spent a lot of time focusing on reading, studying, learning a bunch of stuff. But when I was reading that I started to realize that a lot of the stuff that I’m reading and studying, it comes to a point where it’s not only adding any more value until you kind of get your hands dirty and then I know for a lot of us we like to stay in a theory stage but not quite jump into the practical stage because it could be scary.

There’s a chance of failure, there’s a chance of messing up. There’s a chance of not being good at it at all but it had me thinking about all this time we spend studying and reading, you just got to dive right in, like just jump right into the deep end and see what happens. And you just got to trust yourself to know that everything you learned up to this point will keep you afloat and all you could really do is just get better because as time goes on and on you’re going to keep gaining those skills and getting better and improving.

So I think back to my years of coaching, when I first started out I didn’t really know that much. I read a lot of books, read a lot of articles but I didn’t have as much confidence going into it. Because I’m like oh I feel like a fraud and then the person I’m training – they think I’m an expert but I’m not really an expert, I just started out.

But then people don’t really care it was the biggest thing I find that’s the most important is that it’s not so much what you know now but it’s the fact that a month later, six months later, a year later that you know more and you’re able to implement and put more action into it. Because that’s what shows growth because at the end of the day, you do not want to be the same person you were three months six months a year or two years prior.

That’s literally just wasting time. It’s like I don’t mean to say you could rot on the street because a banana will even decompose and change with ten months. If you would just stay the same it’s just like a waste of — I guess I can say a waste of air. That’s just terrible you don’t want to be a waste of air come on, you don’t like that, you’re better than that.

So yeah, so I’m going to challenge myself for this week is to spend less time reading and studying on stuff and just put more time into putting things into practice so that’s my challenge to myself this week. What things have you been, how to put say not procrastinating but I’ve been focused on just learning and learning and learning and have been shying away from implementing? Leave something to comment below or just reply back to the email.

Peace out family.

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