Happiness Is Having a Child-Like Curiosity


What’s a good family?

Another nice beautiful day, just finished doing a little bit of skateboarding right now. Got to practice my manuals, trying to be able to manage myself up on two wheels and hold that for longer than four seconds right now. So I’m here today because I was talking to a friend late last night and one thing she would ask me was, how was it I do to maintain to stay positive and happy especially during these particular times that we’re in? And at the moment to be honest I didn’t have an answer.

I was racking my head all night trying to figure out what exactly was or what it is and granted I’m fully well certain it’s not just like one particular thing it’s a build of stuff that takes place over time but one of the key things that I found that keeps me always excited for life and trying things and seeing what’s around the corner is keeping a childlike curiosity.

Now doesn’t mean being childless, just having a childlike curiosity is always being excited for what’s around the corner, always seeing new opportunities and looking for things in a different light. Looking for things with a different point of view, not always letting old experiences dictate what could potentially happen with a new experience.

So you think of a kid that’s getting ready to open a birthday gift, there’s a whole lot of excitement that’s coming in or you think of a kid that’s going on to see his favorite movie for the 20th time and the same level of excitement that has on number 20th as it did on the first time. It’s keeping that type of excitement for whatever it is happening in life whether it’s a work situation, relationship situation, an activity, a meal or just spending time with someone, it’s having that again that childlike curiosity for things.

To want to explore and I think that being curious comes out to being willing and wanting to explore different things in life, and I find that’s one of the key things that keeps me energized, keeps me excited, keeps me happy, keeps me always looking for the good in things. Because every experience you are going to have will be a whole new journey that you’ll be able to tell your kids in the future or you’ll be able to share with someone else, be able to better relate with them in the potential present or in the future. So yeah, just something I wanted to share with you guys, think about that for yourself. 

Peace out family.

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