The Adulting Paradox


What’s good family, it’s another day I keep looking at the wrong place. It’s family. It’s another day. Look, weather’s pretty awesome outside. So today I’m going for a hike. And I want to share with you an interesting conversation I had yesterday. I was talking to a little group, but in the group, they’re all generally talking to a 19 year old and another name for what I’d call this.

But the best I can think of right now is the adulting paradox. So essentially the adulting paradox is we spend our years from like, say, grade one all the way to finishing university, just trying to fit in, just trying to not stand out, trying to be like everybody else. And we want to be cool. You want to be hip. You want to be just pretty much like your peers. You don’t be the odd one sticking out, of your peers.

And I am pretty sure that a bit about this called being different in the past. But essentially the adulting paradox comes around to when you finish school and become well say an “adult” in society’s terms for this case and you start going look for jobs. And what are the number one questions to ask when you’re looking for a job is so what makes you different? Like, oh, the queue in the DJ scratch. You mean to tell me I spent the past 18 plus years of my life trying to fit in, not stand out because I want to get made fun of or be seen as different or be bullied or whatever the case may be.

Now, the first thing you’re going to ask when I get into this adult world is what makes me different. I have no idea what makes me different at this point.

It’s the type of thing that you think of how when you watch kids age, they go from being super curious with their own little personalities. And essentially you can kind of see that spirit kind of die off as they head into puberty where we’re all we’re all confused and feel like we feel lost, we got hairs on our armpits, you got hairs on our pubes. Our voice is changing. Some of us are getting acne. And we’re all going through these changes thinking like we’re the only one going through this one of the exact same time.

All of our peers are freaking out about the exact same thing. But no one is talking about it because nobody want to be seen as different and we want to stand out as weird, it just kind of all sit down for a second and realise we all going through the exact same thing. So, yeah. So that to me is the adulting paradox to where we spend most of our formative years growing up trying to blend in, fit in. And in the second we get into this adult world, we’re supposed to know what makes us different compared to everybody else, so we can stand out above the crowds, either get that job, get that promotion, be chosen as a partner in a relationship or work situation and just be able to get ahead in anything we try to excel on.

So, yeah, that’s what I said. I thought you guys was a really good conversation. It really had my mind racing for the next few hours and especially on the drive home. But yea, tell what you think about that. The adulting paradox. I’m really happy with that name. So apart from that, you guys have an awesome rest and they enjoy some sunshine while you can piece out.

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