We Are All Born to Win


What’s good family! It’s your boy Chris here. So, it’s another day, and I’ve got the hood on, hair’s looking a little scruffy, got a whole lot of new growth coming in, so it’s about to get fixed up next week, so I’m excited to see what happens there. But essentially today’s video, I was having a conversation, oh damn, battery’s about to be low. Let’s try to get this out asap.

So, I was having a conversation with a friend named Pharoahe while recording a podcast interview, and something I said had really caught my interest, and we were talking about how…I asked her a question about, if you could do anything in the world with no chance of failing, what would you do? And for which she replied which I thought it was, like there is no, there is no failure, like failure is not an option, which later led on to continue that you know you are right cos like if you think about it, from the second we are born all we ever do is fight to win, and if you think about it, first you crawl, you learn how to walk, and then you get to learn to walk and run and get up on two feet that’s a struggle but you keep fighting for it. Then talking, you start sounding out random words, random sounds that make no sense really, but eventually end up learning how to speak a language one, two or three, sometimes four, some people even four or five languages.

So now, that led me to think that at the end of the day we are all born winners, like I even brought it back to as far as, you know the sperm race, you won! Like you are here, like you won. You have a higher chance of winning the lotto max than it is you wining the chance of you being a sperm that made it to the egg. So right there off the bat our DNA is set with wining. So now, I’m curious to know at what point in our lives are we taught to lose, are we taught to accept failure. Cos If everything you do from your childhood on is wining, fighting, fighting, fighting, progressing, consistency, getting better at it and then mastering it, at what point do we start saying screw it I’m going to give up cos its hard. That has to be something that is taught, it’s not in-grown in our DNA when we look at things that way there is no sense for any of us to feel anything. Yes, you may have come in second place or third place in a race or any particular event, but at the end of the day if you are giving it your all, you’re getting better every day, you are still running regardless.

So yes, that is just my thought I have right now and I want to share that with you guys today. In thinking about changing our perspective on, what is it that, with winning and losing in our day to day life. If we are born to win, we are born to succeed, at the end of the day whatever we want to set our minds to, whatever we want to achieve that we right down as a goal. Set up the game plans, create the habits, build the routine, you have no choice but to win, it is in your DNA, we are all winners. Peace out fam, I’m going to end this before the battery runs out. Peace!

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