006 – Week of Dec 1, 2019

Finished Reading

What School Could Be by Ted Dintersmith

“Kids don’t need to be taught, given the right challenges and devices they will learn.”

“Our education system is stuck in time. Training students for a world that no longer exists.”

“Is the purpose of school to develop human potential, or to rank it.”

Those three quotes give a good example of the book. This isn’t about telling kids don’t go to school. But rather let’s have a system that addresses the different learning styles. It’s crazy to think of how learning in man schools are geared towards a student passing a test versus setting them up with the skills and knowledge they need for life.

Random Thoughts

Limiting Thoughts

Thinking small versus bigger can lead us to a life that is less fulfilled. Why do we set limits on ourselves when we think about what we can achieve. It’s crazy to think that we love watching movies about the underdog who dreamed big and achieved their goal.  Yet in our reality, not everyone works towards pursuing their dreams. It reminds of a conversation I had with a young man in his early 20’s. We discussed the future of his life and what he wanted to do when he finished university. As we spoke about different ideas and opportunities, he kept coming up with reasons as to why you can’t do that. I bounced right back with more ideas. I can summarize the conversation to 2 sentences.

 Him: What about if I’m doing [insert idea], and [insert a possible future problem] goes wrong? I don’t want that to happen to me. 

Me: What if [insert a possible future problem] doesn’t happen?

We danced this dance for a few minutes. 

Later that night my mind went racing on why for some the default is to play it safe. I realized that for many of us myself included when growing up during our adolescent years. We spend most of our time trying to fit in and not stand out, in other words, plating it safe. Similar as to why no one ever puts their hand up to ask questions in class for fear of being different. This all takes place during the most crucial identity-forming years. 

This fear of being different can be a reason as to why we set limits on ourselves. We chose to stay in the comfort of playing it safe, while we look up to artists, athletes, and other celebrities who live their lives being different and taking chances

If you made it this far in the reading I want you to ask yourself. What am I limiting myself in life? How am I different than my peers? What is something I’ve been saying I wanted to do but never took action on?

Good News – Get Your Smile On ?

Continuing with the theme of education. Here is an example of one teacher making a conscious effort to remind his students, that are amazing beings that can achieve whatever they set their minds to.



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