001 – Week Of Oct 27, 2019

Finished Reading

This week I finished the audiobook version of Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. One of the things that stood out to me from the book. Is that we should learn to have our devices used as a purposeful tool. We all know that time is the most valuable asset. Yet we spend a lot of time checking our phones, websites, and apps. Not that any of this is bad, but we can better set up time frames in our day or week to consume such. Ideally, the tools should be used to support the things we value.

Random Thoughts

Life is a never-ending journey. We all are inspired by different things and at different times in our lives. While at a cafe doing Productivity Time (will make a post about this at a later date) I had an impactful  conversation with a friend. Later in the day while I reflected back on the time we shared. It led me to realize that On our journey of life we all move at different speeds and are not all at the same point. At times this can cause a level of frustration to rise when talking to someone one. This frustration can stem from the fact your friend or colleague isn’t moving at the same pace as you are, or are going in the opposite direction. Regardless of our where we all stand and how fast we move, we HAVE to be Understanding and Respect each person on their own path. 

Get Your Smile On

While scrolling Instagram I came across a post that shows a man who is a Crossing Guard, at the corner of an intersection tying the tie of a young man. I can only assume the young man was either getting ready for school or a job interview. Either way Seeing content like this is of the many reasons I stay RELENTLESSLY OPTIMISTIC.


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