005 – Week Of Nov 24, 2019

Random Thoughts

Do Audiobooks count as reading?

While listening to episode 275 of Sales Funnel Radio Podcast. An interesting talking point was brought up on if listening to a book counts and holds the same value as reading a physical book. After some thought, I realize that it doesn’t matter how you consume a book. Let’s be honest we all open books for one of two reasons. The first reason is to be entertained, the other is for acquiring information. Whether the reading is done for pleasure or business/school, the way we consume it is irrelevant. The most important part is did you get what you wanted out of the experience? 

Personally, I enjoy both versions of books, if I am honest as of late I tend to lean towards audiobooks. Mainly because I can consume content while doing something else. Reading books has always been a way to acquire new information. My books of choice are non-fictions. As I save the fantasy experience of fiction books to be taken in via music and film.

For times when I want to get straight to the point of a book, I like to use the app Blinkist. Blinkist takes non-fiction books and summarizes it into 15-minute audio and text bites. All books are summarized in a few key points. The best part is that If you are an Evernote user all of the sections you highlight in the summary get copied into its own notes. Example below

Finished Reading

Relentless by Tim Grover

“You don’t compete with anyone, you make them compete with you.” – Tim Grover

That is by far my favourite quote in the book. To me, that shows the exact mentality of a Cleaner. Before I explain what is a cleaner, Tim breaks people down into 3 categories. Coolers, closers, and cleaners.


They are the people that get the job done when instructed to. They have a hard time making decisions, and when the pressure hits they pass the task to someone else.


They are a level up from Coolers. They can handle the pressure better, they enjoy being rewarded and praised. They too need to be instructed, trouble arises when they are met with a situation they have not prepared for.


They don’t wait to be told what to do they just act.  They have spent years practicing their craft to a point the act on instinct. Cleaners are always looking for ways to improve. They don’t worry about the competition as they know they can handle anything coming their way.

Good News – Get Your Smile On


Voluntourism is what is taking place on the Faroe Island (part of Denmark).

Tourists are coming in to help clean up the environment, by building paths, repairing cairns. In return, they get free accommodation, food, and transport. 


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