Politics Are Not for the Young

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Last week while visiting my good friend Marcelo. When Marcelo and I link up, conversations go from far left to far right. Our conversations ranged from housing cost, gender terms, trans sports athletes, dating, and politics.

What I love most about chatting with Marcelo is that we can play devil’s advocate on all topics in the pursuit of understanding all angles. I have to say while we spoke about politics we had one hell of a mind-blowing moment. ????

As the title reads Politics Are Not for the Young, this all kicked off right after we spoke about housing and if the government can do anything at all to help skyrocketing costs.

The important question that came up is why are young people not involved or interested in politics. If you think about it, it would be in young people’s best interest to get involved because the laws and rules set into place now affect the future we will live in.

We spent time spitballing on how politicians need to do a much better job at marketing to the youth. Year after year the demographic that barely shows up to vote are the ones that recently got the right to vote.

I have to say as a former Young person that just got the right to vote, I can say my reasons for not voting are not knowing what the parties were, what they stood for, and how it affected me.

Now it could be my own ignorance for not taking the time to learn about it. At the same time, I had one of life’s most stressful and challenging questions hanging over my head. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Understanding that young adults have a million other stresses in their life to figure out. We began to go down the opposite path and ask the very scary question.

What if they intentionally don’t want young people to vote?

Stay with me now this isn’t such a crazy thought. We know that when you are 18-24 you are living for the moment and trying to build some of life’s best memories. (If I can interject and say your 0s are way better). For the 99.99% of people that age, very few are thinking about 15, 20, 30 years out from now. ????????

What are the top two things in life that force an adult to think long-term and make sane decisions? Having a child and owning (cough renting) a home. Stay with me now. When you have kids or own a home your views tend to shift towards the conservative side. I’m not saying you are making a full swing but your cha-cha sliding your way to the right.????‍♂️

Ride this wave with me.????????‍♀️ If you had to pass laws that affected society in its present and future form. Would you want a group of people who have nothing to lose being the overwhelming majority of voters?

Doesn’t sound so crazy does it! I will leave you with that.

What do you think, should politicians start marketing to young people?

Chris “The Politician” Latham ✌????

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