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What’s good family?

So I’m here for another video, so now for this video I want to talk about is digital ownership. I was having a conversation with a friend and we’re talking about the website, and I was curious. I asked her did you ever think of looking up your domain name. She hadn’t so I looked it up real quick and it was available. And the reason I’m thinking about this is that we’re going into — not going into, we’re being pushed into the internet revolution. In the real world outside the digital world, everything’s about ownership – do on your home do you own your car, do you own land do you own property, so on and so forth.

But those same rules should definitely apply to digital because now a lot of us have social media accounts that could get shut down at any time so we don’t really own that or own those. They have all the information and sell to make tons of money off of that and when I say tons I mean like billions buku buku money coming their way off of the stuff we give them for free.

So, and I’ve been thinking also like, I think one of the reason else why I started a website on my own domain name was to have something that I owned and which when you own your own digital space it’s like owning your own property, your own land, your own home. You could do with it as you wish and no one could say anything about that and no one could ban it, no one could shut it down or close it.

You have total ownership of that and the biggest thing about having a website that you own or your domain name is that you could convey whatever message it is you want to convey. No one could twist it, no one could edit it no one could say it’s banned for disapproval. It’s your message as you want to see fit, if you want to proofread, if you want to make a professional shots, do as you wish with that thing but it also comes down to thinking also where we’re going to the digital world and one of the most important things I think people don’t really take it seriously is, password protection. Now, I’m not giving you guys a link to some sort of password app to get discount, I don’t have it like that.

But if you think of password protection you want to think of the number one thing we use the most every day is our email and if you think about it our email has access to everything about our lives. So in turn our email’s pretty much just like our social insurance number, you wouldn’t give your social insurance number to just any random person on the street would you? Hell no! So it comes to email, your password shouldn’t just be like password or my favorite dog is Rover.

It really should be something that’s much more concrete in details, long phrases mixed with numbers and signs. If the numbers and signs gets too complicated, just think of long sentence that no one would ever guess. Because then again someone gets access to your email or like with your say they could take all your information from your social media accounts possibly banking if you save information in there. Information by your life, your relationships, work, the whole line that can cause digital havoc to your life.

So again, think about what digital ownership means to you, do you own your name, do you own the platform you’re posting on? Like right now I’m posting this on YouTube, I don’t own YouTube but for sake being I know YouTube’s not going anywhere and I’m not out of point or talking about anything that’s controversial that I’m going to get flagged or banned.

But worst-case scenario that ever does happen, I’ll upload it to my own hosting page – it is what it is. So again, do you own your own name, do you own the only place you’re posting your information? Easier password for your email secure, again, sounds crazy and stupid but all it takes is one time for you to get hacked and your whole thing is ruined down the drain so I want you guys to stay safe out there. Again, think about that if you want to buy your domain name, I recommend is going to Google domains. It’s cheap and if you’re Canadian it’s seventeen dollars Canadian with privacy protection so no one could look up into your domain name and figure out where you live because that is creepy as hell so you want to stay safe out there.

You wouldn’t go into the bedroom without protection, you’re not going to go online without protection. Yes, I went there and those of you that know me knows I was going to get there at some point or another. So here I am. Once again, stay safe guys.

Peace out family.

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