Progress Foundational Pillar of Happiness


What’s good family! So I listened to a podcast, the Noah Kagan podcast where he had on Tom Bilyeu, one of, this guy is awesome, he is a really dope dude. He created Quest nutrition bars, he is the host of impact theory, which is a really dope interview based video podcast style. The dude wanted to go so grand scale he hired the… I think the set director that used to work for opera, so that kind of gives you how big scale this guy is going and he was mentioning that he heard a quote from Tony Robbins that goes “progress is one of the pillars of happiness” now this really hit me ‘cause like the whole thing I have being thinking of a lot has been progress is irreversible you just keep getting better, one step forward, one step forward, keep moving and moving , you are guaranteed your just going to find yourself either being an expert or exponentially better than where you were when you started to the point where you can teach others or help others that are following in that’s same path of yours, and when he mentioned the part of happiness I’m like yeah makes lot of sense ‘cause if like you are not getting better at anything you are going to feel really shitty about yourself, like imagine if you’re kid learning how to crawl and to this day you are still crawling on your knees you never quite got better, that would suck.

But, you just keep getting better you move from crawling to walking to running, jumping, you start mumbling out different sounds to making words, sentences and phrases to being able to have full blown arguments we want in different languages if possible too. So it just goes to show that in our age we are meant to continue to progress and get better and sometimes it could get easier to feel like we are not really getting anywhere but I find that if we track somethings we will feel a whole lot better and you could actually look back to see how far you have come ahead.

So yeah, I just wanted to share that with you guys, keep that in mind, progress is one of the pillars of happiness. So you guys have a kickass weekend. Peace out! oh I also put a link to the podcast. Peace!

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