Make Friends Anywhere


What’s good family! So right now I’m in selfie mood for some reason Go Pro camera is not working too well and I’m making this video at night ‘cause I just ended a pretty cool afternoon, an afternoon that started off by me just going around skating, checking out some different art in the Hochelaga Maisonneuve area and ended up bumping in to three people making some brand new friends and hanging out with them for about three to four-hours’ time or two to three-hours’ time, at least two hours’ time and what’s really cool was that the fact, the way that we connected was that they had their long board, I had my long board and they were like, hey you long board? And I’m like Yeah! And just from that our conversation started and it made me realize how, to connect with other humans and to make friends does not have to be really the most challenging of a thing it’s just allowing yourself to open up to different interactions that could potentially take you to a place, and that alone allows you to make new friends anywhere in the world.

Like if I think back to my time in Mexico when I was in a hostel hanging out, chilling, chit chatting and one guy I met was from France and he spoke French and I’m like oh “tu parle francais” (You speak French?) am like “yeah I speak French too” and he’s like where are you from? I’m from Quebec and he’s like oh shit! And right there instantaneously just of a language we became friends, friends for the trip like I don’t remember the guy’s name, at this point in time we didn’t get that close and personal but I want you to think to the fact that often times we may find, we may close ourselves off when going in to a different environment which then could make us perceive as not being say hoping, opening, open, wow! It’s clearly the end of the day, it may not, may have us come off as not as open or friendly, but all the time you can just live with an open heart, live with an open mind, live with just being open accepting whoever is out there, you’re always going to connect and meet some interesting people along the way. Now if ever I am in the Hochelaga Maisonneuve area I have three new friends I can hang out with which is pretty sick and awesome.

So once again stay open, be open minded, accept what Is out there, make a new friend, see who you can connect with and now I realize I’m looking at the camera over here when the camera is actually down on the phone. I’m going to have to flip this around when I use this phone for a video. So once again guys, peace out, take care, have a kickass weekend, enjoy the sunshine. Peace!

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